Start managing your health institution using MedSyS Healthcare Solutions.

The mission is to provide Medical institutions with turn-key computing solutions,based upon the latest technologies utilizing Web-based applications and providing superior customer support.

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About MedSyS

MedSyS - A Medical practice management system for small to medium medical practices and Hospitals, currently being used by over 90 doctors and medical institutions around the country.

We provide medical practitioners and medical institutions with the necessary tools to maximize their practice efficiency and increase their profitability.


Powerful Features As Always

Scheduling and Patient Queue Management

Patient diary management & Intelligent waiting list.

Patient notes & History Management

Easily access and keep track of your patient's medical history,prescriptions,lab tests etc

Electronic Claims Submission

Submit your claims online to selected medical aids.

Manage patient data efficiently

Everything paperless
Patients don’t have to fill in paper forms at all.

Advanced Billing & Reconciliation

Robust outpatient and inpatient billing module, Easy reconciliation of payments

Advanced Reporting

Dynamic management and administrative reports.